Tim Kent

Video Editing

Hello, welcome to my website! I'm a freelance video editor working in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping create superb videos for businesses and regular people with a story to tell.

I can be reached at tim@tkvideoedit.com and (415) 200-9184.

Past Work

For this testimonial video about KPF Architect's use of Cisco WebEx, I performed all post-production tasks, including video and motion graphics editing, color correction, audio mixing/editing, and video compression.

© Cisco Systems, Inc.

I created this 60-second motion graphics piece primarily in After Effects (some finishing work done in Premiere Pro) using a mix of live-action footage (shot against a green screen and keyed using Primatte Keyer), photos, website screenshots, text and motion graphics elements.

© SLI Systems.

This short, fast-paced video, created for the splash page on Eyefluence's website, was created using After Effects and Premiere Pro, as well as transition plugins created by Film Impact.

© Eyefluence, Inc.

This video was created to showcase Nanobiosym, a contestant (and eventual Grand Prize Award winner) of the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE in 2013. This video was shot and edited on-site during the event in Santa Clara, CA. I provided all editing and other post tasks, using Final Cut Pro.

© XPRIZE Foundation.

Post-production work that I completed for this video about NXP Semiconductors includes video editing, motion graphics, color correction, audio editing/mixing, and compression.

© NXP Semiconductors

I provided all post-production work, including video and motion graphics editing, titles, color correction, object removal (logos removed from mobile devices and computers using motion tracking and pixel cloning techniques), screen replacement (a process that removes the image displayed in a monitor with a new image created separately), compositing, audio mixing and editing, and compression, for this video about the City of Edmonton's use of Cisco WebEx.

© Cisco Systems, Inc.

I provided all video editing and other post-production work for this promotional video for DataSafe.

© DataSafe, Inc.

I completed all post-production work for this video about Denton ISD's use of Cisco WebEx, including video and motion graphics editing, map animation, color correction, object removal (specifically, logos removed from mobile devices and monitors using motion tracking, traveling mattes and pixel cloning techniques), compositing, and audio editing and mixing, and video compression.

© Cisco Systems, Inc.